Sailboats differ in that their propulsion comes primarily from wind. A sailboat has sails and the wind can either push or pull the boat through the water. The term sailboat includes a wide range of sailboats, each of which excels in features that match a sailor’s needs.

Sailboat normally, sailboats last longer than motorboats. It’s not uncommon for people to sail 30-year-old boats. Unfortunately, maintenance costs are increasing with age as equipment wears out or repairs are necessary to the hull, deck, engine, spars, or sails.

Sailboats can be divided into several categories and here we take a look at the different variants. Sailboats are typically categorized within these areas:

  • Sail plan
  • Hull type or material
  • Keel type
  • Cockpit type

When choosing a sailboat you can get the perfect sailboat for you when adding from all categories, like; A ketch rigged monohul,with a center cockpit and a